It all started here. I walked out of the Casino Ballroom in Hampton New Hampshire to see the dull green and red shine through the light pollution. At that moment I knew that it would going to be a long, but fantastic night.

After going a mile up the road, I tucked under the sea wall from the artificial light to see everything.

Then it was time to see more in a darker place, and I’m glad i did. The still water from this river reflected the water beautifully.

Then we moved over to the otherside of Odiorne Point State Park to see the ocean side view. It was breath waking. The spires of light rose into the skies, transitioning from beautiful neon green to reds to purple. The intensity of the storm stuck to the north for a while.

Around 3:30 AM, the storm intensified for about 20 minutes. We looked up to watch waves of flashing lights spark above us. The camera simply couldn’t capture the dim flashes that strobed as the green and red rays of light beamed straight above us.

It produced this: The Phoenix.

The northern sky flared with light that allowed us to see the beach as if there were a full moon beaming down at us.

Just before dawn’s light, we enjoyed vivid purples join, topping the night.

10/10, would recommend if you ever can.

See the mini timelapses here: